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Giovana Nicoletti earned a degree in Food Engineering from the University of São Paulo, 工商管理及主导品质审核(iso9001)专业. As Quality Coordinator for Aviagen Latin America based in São Paulo state, 巴西, Giovana的主要工作重点是确保Aviagen的生产运营始终保持公司在生物安全方面的卓越标准, 还有鸟类的健康, 效率和生产率. 在这里,她解释了她对改变她的社区和她的世界的热情, 以及这种热情如何导致她今天在确保世界家禽育种供应质量方面发挥重要作用.


在巴西长大, a country with rich cultural and socio-economic diversity, I’ve always been interested in helping people. 因为这个原因, 我想从事医学或相关领域,我可以帮助改善低收入人群的生活质量. 我最终选择了食品工程来实现我的梦想,在食品供应链工作,特别是开发负担得起的, 营养丰富的食物. 在大学期间, 我参加了一个研究小组,目标是改善那些生活在贫困水平以下的人的生活方式. 作为这个项目的一部分, 其中一座校园建筑被改造成一个艺术和手工艺区,人们用椰子壳作为纤维制作手工物品, and then selling them for profit. For the edible part of the coconut, 怎么在外围买球努力寻找其他烹饪用途,以替代更昂贵的食材. That was an inspiring project for me, 这让我意识到, 通过创造性地思考, 可以说是“开箱即用”, 相信自己所做的事情的人真的可以为他人带来改变.

在毕业之前, I served as a Meat Product Development intern at Korin, 巴西有机, antibiotic-free poultry production company. When my internship was finished, 我被雇佣了, 大约两年后, I accepted a position at Aviagen as a Junior Quality Analyst. After some time, I was promoted to Quality Coordinator. Similar to my experience back at the university, 我现在有机会为我国所有社会经济阶层的人做出改变, by doing my part to provide them with a quality, secure and affordable food source.


Korin是一家特别鼓舞人心的公司,让我走上了自己的职业道路,直到今天. 在那里我很享受参与各种产品的开发(从咖啡烘焙到原料冻干). 晚些时候, Aviagen allowed me to engage at a global level, giving me insight into the large size of the poultry industry, as well as its impact on society as a safe and low-cost protein.

When did you come to Aviagen and what inspired you to work there?

I started my journey at Aviagen in 2012. After working at a poultry production house, 想象整个家禽业的生产链是多么复杂,这是令人惊讶和具有教育意义的. Genetic selection plays a key role in producing a safe, 营养丰富的蛋白质, 同时保持低成本. 这很吸引我, 看到和理解其中巨大的潜在物流也是令人难以置信的.


Managing quality and compliance can be both unique and challenging. 因为我的责任是维护怎么在外围买球公司的高质量标准, it sometimes becomes necessary to stand my ground, 总是分析事实和数据,并为我的行动和决定提供中立和合乎逻辑的推理.


Our company is committed to continuous improvement, 出于这个原因, 我的大部分时间都花在了怎么在外围买球的质量和生物安全的内部审计上. Other regular tasks for me include data analysis, 文档管理, collaboration with other departments, preparing reports for 巴西 and Latin America, 培训和支持.

What are the main challenges you face?

我很享受加强怎么在外围买球生产设备质量的挑战,并保持它们在Aviagen设定的高标准. 这样做对保持幼雏的内在素质和福祉很重要.

What’s the most unusual experience you’ve had in poultry?

我在这个领域最不寻常的经历是公司去匈牙利旅行, where we visited an Aviagen KFT hatchery in 匈牙利. 在那里,我能够与来自世界各地的人们交流想法,并从不同但同样有效的最佳实践中学习,就像怎么在外围买球在巴西应用的那样.

How have you overcome any challenges as a woman in your field, and what advice would you give to other women?

在几年前还不常见女性的地方工作的女性面临着许多挑战. 为了克服这些挑战, I have learned to keep a professional profile, 专注于解决问题, and stand up for my viewpoints when necessary. I would advise other women to be bold, 大胆、自信, and because knowledge is power, always have the data and information to back up your ideas.

What does the future of poultry genetics look like?

我认为家禽遗传学的未来将继续在动物健康和福利方面稳步改善, with a special focus on strengthening immunity/疾病 resistance.



What keeps you entertained when you’re not on the job?



我总是努力做到最好, and in the future plan to engage more with my colleagues in 秘鲁, 阿根廷 and 哥伦比亚 on their quality systems. I am fulfilled when my hard work is recognized, and feel that my career is on a path of growth and development. 从个人角度来说,我目前面临的挑战和优先考虑的是良好的工作与生活的平衡.



萨拉·迈克塞尔(莎拉Mikesell)在俄亥俄州一个五代人的家庭农场中长大, 美国, 她家还在那里务农. 能做自己喜欢的事情——写关于家畜和农作物的文章,她感到非常幸运. 你可以在上面找到她 推特 or LinkedIn.

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