New animal welfare barn with 大荷兰人 equipment in Bavaria

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The Greppmair family from Aichach in Bavaria, 德国, recently started producing eggs and built a very impressive, new poultry house consisting of two compartments. During the day, the 6,000 hens can range outside. Those who prefer staying indoors can use the winter garden for scratching or spend their time in the 自然新星 welfare aviary. 所有设备, from the management system to the ventilation system and computer control, was procured from 大荷兰人.

The Greppmair family produces eggs according to the Bioland organic standards, therefore keeping the two flocks completely separate at all times: in the barn, in the winter garden and on the large range.

自然新星 aviary system (picture taken from the leaflet)


自然新星 is just one member of the ever-growing Natura aviary product family. These multi-level systems in which hens can move around freely were first developed because of the ban on cage systems in 瑞士 in 1981.

In 1986, the first welfare aviary was handed over to its owner. 今天,大荷兰人的 鸟类饲养场产品范围 includes more than twenty different models. Since no customer and no barn are like the other, 大荷兰人 customers and the poultry equipment supplier itself team up to find solutions. In combination with clever ideas for system optimisation, these efforts sometimes lead to the development of a new model.

PickPuck (on the left: winter garden on the Greppmair farm | on the right: picture taken from the leaflet)

PickPuck is just as popular with the layers as the aviary. The pendulum makes use of the birds’ natural behaviour of searching for feed, occupying them because it remains permanently interesting. The Greppmair family has installed a total of ten PickPuck systems in their winter garden.


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